Thursday, January 20, 2011

test color

Today :  
You are currently going through a very active phase of
 project building and it takes a lot of energy. Yet, you
 are acting in accordance with your fundamental values.

Your way :
You are entering a time of research, self retreat or teaching.
You are to experience a time of understanding of things

and may be some introspection. You shall also prove
 to be demanding. Don't forget to go easy on yourself.

Your strongest point today :
Your main qualities are: your intuition, your
 sense of creativity and your natural gift
to find the beautiful. You are able to find
more creative and richer solutions than most people.
You are currently driven by your determination to

 built, your capability to lead people and change
 things, as well by your constant quest for perfection.
You can also rely on your creativity, intuition

and imagination, as well as your natural energy,
your desire to build and your ability to motivate others.

Your best quality as of today is :
Your creativity and/or your spirituality.
Today, your creativity seems to be among the highest 6%.
Your creativity is one of your main qualities,

as well as you are intuitive and open to the subtle world.
Your creativity is currently being supported by your

determination to built, your capability to lead
people and change things, and also by your
constant quest for perfection, by your deep
 introspection and the depth of your reflections.

Your second best quality as of today is :
Your ability to take matters into your own hands.  
Today, your ability to be self determined seems
 to be among the highest 6%.
Your ongoing project represents a major

 importance for you, as well as you are a
 leader and you know how to make things change.
Your ability to make things move forward is mainly

supported by your creativity and the importance
 you give to your own ideas, and also by your
self confidence and your experience.

A suggestion :
Take the time to think and don't move too fast without
 having considered the pros and cons.
Take care of the structure and organization of your

activities and build this organization slowly,
 rock by rock, so that it becomes a sturdy environment.
Favor the stability of your emotional relations as well.

suka2 tringin nak wat test color,drpd temenung
smpai tmbus dinding,
ade gak paedah wt bnda ni kan,
so try r,
rult nyer so far almost correct la,
slamat mncuba!


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