Saturday, June 25, 2011

sharing secret session??

sigh.this life is sometimes to hard,to cruel,and to unbearable.

Especially,when everyone is expecting too much to know other’s secret.

Where were u when I cried before?

What did you say when I got angry over small things yesterday?

And here are you now,

Begging in front of me,

Just to have what had been called as-sharing secret to bestfriend session-

This is just UNBELIEVABLE.

Forcing-is not my bestfriend’s attitude.

And of course,that’s not what I’m hoping for.

Please,I really don’t know how to scold ppl.

Especially my so-called-friend.



hudhud cool said...

man!!! sape yg swoh ko force people??
haha...when we want to share prob, find sumbody who cmfort u k...hihi..

teqa said...

haha..bukan ak yg force.ak DIforce okay.terrible.

hudhud cool said...

haha...tuk citer prob???
alaa...keputusan mmilih da kat tgn ang...k...
sukati ang la ang nk cter or not..dorg xleh pksa.
(pendapat matang dri haku)

teqa said...

kan2...syg huda lebihhhhh=p

hudhud cool said...

syg aci jge....

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